Who Does Ann Sieg Follow?

Mark Hoverson Interviews Ann Sieg

I just got back from a live training in Las Vegas with Mark Hoverson, Ann Sieg, Mike Klingler and other successful internet marketers. During the event, Hoverson interviewed Ann Sieg. In the interview, Ann shared who some of her trainers were, and who she follows. The list is below. Notice that the same names keep coming up when you ask successful marketers who they learned from. The top trainers in this business are not hard to find. All the top marketers studied with them. And it’s not that big a group. Isn’t it a good idea to know who they are? Continue reading

Google Quietly Changes the Rules with Affiliate Pages

I just came across this post by Perry Marshall, author of several leading books on Google Adwords. Like many of you, I have some affiliate links on my web pages. Toward the end of last week, I was seeing a significant drop in viewers. I wondered why this was happening until I saw this post on Perry Marshall’s blog.

Apparently Google now checks for affiliate links on your landing pages. When it finds affiliate links, it downgrades the rank for that page significantly.

For the moment, ‘PHP redirects’ are a good way to circumvent the problem.  However, it is clear that Google is specifically targeting affiliate review sites.  The best solution for the long term is not to have affiliate links on landing pages for which you want a good ranking.