How to Hide Affiliate Links

In a previous post I reported that Google is now penalizing pages that have affiliate links on them. I am not going to discuss the pro’s and con’s of this decision right now. Instead, I’d like to offer a quick fix for my downlines and other legitimate affiliate marketers who may be affected by it.

Here’s a simple way to hide those affiliate links so that they are not actually on the pages you want ranked. It involves setting up simple php redirects. I am assuming that you know how to log in to your host site and make simple changes to files there. If not, the person who created your website or blog should be able to do this for you. It takes only a few minutes. Continue reading

Google Quietly Changes the Rules with Affiliate Pages

I just came across this post by Perry Marshall, author of several leading books on Google Adwords. Like many of you, I have some affiliate links on my web pages. Toward the end of last week, I was seeing a significant drop in viewers. I wondered why this was happening until I saw this post on Perry Marshall’s blog.

Apparently Google now checks for affiliate links on your landing pages. When it finds affiliate links, it downgrades the rank for that page significantly.

For the moment, ‘PHP redirects’ are a good way to circumvent the problem.  However, it is clear that Google is specifically targeting affiliate review sites.  The best solution for the long term is not to have affiliate links on landing pages for which you want a good ranking.