Ad Position Does Not Affect The Sale

Google’s Findings

In a recent post on Google’s Inside Adwords blog, Google revealed that the position of an ad on the page does not affect the ad’s conversion rate (see definitions below).

It remains true that people are more likely to click on search results that are higher on the page than results that are lower on the page.  However, they are just as likely to buy whether the ad was higher or lower on the page. Google was able to determine this by looking at examples of the same ad in different positions, and looking at the corresponding conversion rates. Continue reading

The Ultimate Copywriting Crash Course

About the Course

Ann Sieg is sponsoring David Garfinkel, who is giving a 6 week webinar in copywriting. This webinar is for folks who have little or no experience in copywriting, but would like to get up to speed fast. The course is designed to make you an effective copywriter as quickly as possible. It is probably not going to make you an expert, but it will make you effective enough to significantly improve your conversion rates. David Garfinkel is well known as a leading coach and teacher of copywriting. He has developed a template method that gives you a good starting place for different kinds of copy as well as a lot of confidence. Continue reading