Who Does Ann Sieg Follow?

Mark Hoverson Interviews Ann Sieg

I just got back from a live training in Las Vegas with Mark Hoverson, Ann Sieg, Mike Klingler and other successful internet marketers. During the event, Hoverson interviewed Ann Sieg. In the interview, Ann shared who some of her trainers were, and who she follows. The list is below. Notice that the same names keep coming up when you ask successful marketers who they learned from. The top trainers in this business are not hard to find. All the top marketers studied with them. And it’s not that big a group. Isn’t it a good idea to know who they are? Continue reading

Turning Good Copy into Great Copy: Makepeace Reveals His Secret.

One of the reasons I like blogging is that I can post notes and articles I want to re-read someday, and I can call it work. Today’s pearl by Clayton Makepeace is something I surely want to read again. In it Makepeace tells the story of how he learned to mix the left brain and right brain to create the best ad. Here’s my summary of the copywriting points, without the wonderful story. Continue reading

Sidebars That Increase Readership

Have you ever seen a blog with a distracting or even annoying sidebar? How about those sidebars containing long lists of tags in curiously big fonts? Or perhaps you’ve seen animated sidebar dancers with hoola-hoops selling mortgages? Puhleez. We’ve all learned how to ignore that jumpiness on the side.  But if your readers ignore it, your sidebar is a missed opportunity.

Generally, blog designers don’t pay enough attention to what’s in the sidebars. And guess what? It matters. Well chosen sidebar content can increase readership, increase stickiness and increase responses to promotionals.

These points are addressed in depth in a recent article by Clayton Makepeace. The article discusses the do’s and don’t’s of sidebars. Though the context of the discussion is the magalog, the points apply equally well to blogs and websites.   Incidently, according to Wikipedia, ‘A magalog is a promotional copy of a magazine, usually in a 12-page catalog format.’ Magalog = magazine + catalog.

To summarize briefly, there are two kinds of readers: casual scanners, and straight-through readers. The readers will read through most of the article from beginning to end. However, the casual scanners will flip through the article, sometimes in no particular order, looking for something that catches their attention. The scanners are more likely to find something that interests them if the sidebar guides them to it.  In other words, “great sidebars turn scanners into readers.”

For 21 smart kinds of sidebar content, you’ll have to read the article, which is here. You’ll be amazed at the number of good ideas you’ll get for your sidebars.

By the way, you can see a beautiful example of a well designed sidebar on Clayton’s website, www.makepeacetotalpackage.com.

How to Create a Killer Ad

In a recent post on Clayton Makepeace’s site, he discusses how he distinguishes good ad copy from bad ad copy. He’s got some great guidlines from his 37+ years as a copywriter. I won’t spoil the punch line, but remember that buyers make decisions by feeling and then use reason to justify the decisions. This is a must read for anyone who wants to improve his writing skills.

Click here for Clayton’s article, “How to Create a Killer Ad”.

The Black Art of Persuasion

There are 2 critical skills for effective marketing. The first is the art of writing persuasive copy. The second skill is knowing where and how to post this copy so that your target audience will see it.

My favorite site for learning how to write compelling copy is Clayton Makepeace’s site. This site contains hundreds of free articles, mostly written by Clayton Makepeace, one of the foremost copywriters in the US.

Today’s gem from Clayton’s archive is an article written by Daniel Levis, entitled Copywriting Witchcraft And The Black Arts Of Persuasion Part – 1. In the article Levis discusses some subtle and dangerously persuasive techniques, that I first encountered during a study of NLP (NeuroLiguistic Programming) and hypnosis many years ago. I shouldn’t be surprised that Madison avenue has also discovered these techniques. To level the playing field, have a look by clicking the title above or going to www.makepeacetotalpackage.com and clicking ‘Archives’ just above the menu bar at the top.

Update: 7-22-09
The second part of Daniel Levis’ article came out today: Copywriting Witchcraft And The Black Arts Of Persuasion Part – 2.