Ann Sieg Joins Mark Hoverson At GRN

The Shirt or The Interview with Ann Sieg?

A few days ago I received a marketing email from Mark Hoverson, which contained the question, “Is the shirt Mark is wearing on this video worth $480?” That, of course, is Mark’s way of getting you to watch the video (see link below). I didn’t care about the shirt, but I noticed that the link looked interesting.

So, I clicked on it and I wasn’t disappointed.

What’s So Special About the Interview?

If you are an internet marketer or a network marketer,  I think you’ll find this 13 minute video well worth a look.   As she reveals in the video, Ann Sieg has sold more than 4 million copies of “The Renegade Network Marketer” ebook.  Her audience for this ebook is mostly baby boomers.  As she tells it, she sold so many copies precisely because she understood her target market in depth.  She wrote the book to boomers.  In the video, she tells you a lot about this market.  If you’re interested in marketing to boomers, you need to know what she has to say.

On the other hand, if you’re shopping for an MLM to join,  Ann gives her reasons for joining Global Resorts Network (GRN).  As Mark says in the video, “This is big news.”  GRN is an MLM with a big ticket item.  It costs $3k to join.  When you sign someone up, you get $1k commission (out of that $3k) and your upline also gets $1k commission (also out of that $3k).  I’ve heard Ann say on another occasion that in her experience, you do the same amount of work to close a big ticket sale as you do a small ticket sale.  So, why would you want to sell the small ticket (low cost) item?  Other aspects of her decision are revealed in the video.   I’m not going to argue the pro’s and con’s of different MLM compensation structures in this post.  However, I do plan to address the topic of big ticket vs. small ticket MLM’s in the near future.

Don’t Know How Long the Link Will Remain Active

Since I don’t know how long the video (above) will remain available, I’m including the text of the interview below.  I transcribed it VERY quickly, so there will be typos. My apologies for any minor errors.  Here’s the video link in case you missed it.

And here’s the transcript.

Mark Hoverson Interviews Ann Sieg About GRN

MH: One thing that I wanted to talk about real quick is what we are gonna share is kind of big news. And I say it’s big news because Ann, the Renegade Network Marketer…  Now I know you don’t flash around how many sales that had.   But it was millions.

AS: It’s probably over 4 million now.

MH: 4 million.  And for Ann to join Global Resorts Network, and that’s really what we’re going to talk about. Of the kajillions of MLM’s and all the pitches you get.  And…

AS: I got a few today.

MH: I did too.  Today I’ve had two, and it’s a ground floor.  It’s brand new. It’s gonna change the world, and all that.  But I’ve gotta ask you straight up, GRN why?  Why GRN?

AS: I think, you’ve used the phrase lifestyle and I think that’s significant because so many things are changing. And how people want to adapt to these changes.  And the big part of that is, well in my age group, it’s bringing in those retirement years a lot sooner rather than waiting.  And to be honest, you know that whole model of retirement being when you hit 65.  That’s all a thing of the past.  So, let’s start retirement sooner.  Parsing that out, taking that out now, rather than delaying.

MH: Today, the whole idea of our team, and you’re gonna see probably clips any second of our team when we went on our hike today.  We’re doing San Francisco very soon. And that’s biking over the Golden Gate bridge…  We had basically baby boomers.  And one of the things I learned from you is, when we were talking about collaborating on this team before there was a team, you were just talking about the baby boomer and the mass of wealth that is in the baby boomer…  You Know Ann’s like (he gestures).

AS: It’s big!

MH: Yeah, well tell me. I mean I think  it’s weird cause I’m 31 and 95% of my team is baby boomers. And so we both know baby boomers.  And your crowd is generally baby boomers.

AS: mm-hmm.

MH: And one thing that Ann just said is they like anti-aging.  They popularized anti-aging.

AS: mm-hmm.

MH: They popularized the idea of vacations.  You know as a lifestyle. My parents parents never took a single vacation, outside of the family trips. So your generation has changed America.

AS: Very much so.

MH: And tell me just a couple of things about marketing to baby boomers, cause you got into the demographics and the psychographics of the baby boomer and the GRN fit and all that. What do you think is a unique touch on that?

AS: I especially saw it through a group of students that I worked with last year. And when I polled them, they’re very mission driven.  They’ve lived their lives, as far as raising their children.  And now is their time to live.  But they’re very
much about giving back as a very prominent feature.  In fact, of my members that are going to be showing up here shortly, I have a team leader and she said none of them are after the big house, the fancy car.  It didn’t come up with a single
person.  They’re very much about helping other people, and wanting to invest in other peoples’ lives. And while they do want wealth, but it’s… they want to hang with people who are also mission driven.  (This) is a very big part.  They want to enjoy that experience together.  Travelling.  We see that today.  There were conversations on the trail that were about that.

MH: I remember that poll. Cause Ann, she’s, your list is hundreds of thousands.

AS: (nods)

MH: And she polls this list.  And it’s funny because they weren’t after the fancy car, weren’t after the fancy home, but vacationing hit there. Because it was a family hot button. And as people hit baby boomer, i’ve just got young kids, but even I’m getting more reflective on how travelling is like… The memories that I remember from childhood are bound up in travelling. But travelling was one of the things that they were all about because it was family centered. And so people are looking for time freedom, and the whole idea of  automation and direct response.  I mean you are the queen of direct response. You’re basically the founder of online direct response for MLM.

AS: Thank you.

MH: The initial renegade network marketer. And, just… People want… They want time freedom.  They want travel.  They want all of these hot buttons. But GRN…  I want to get back to the GRN concept.  There’s other travel things.  There’s other travel little clubs and stuff. So, what did you see with GRN in terms of you being a marketer?  And maybe feeling some freedom there.  What was it?

AS: There was a lot.  One was a higher price point item.  And I have to be honest, these other travel companies didn’t appeal to me that much in the past. MLM’s that is. And we haven’t been big travelers.  But I think what’s really changed for that… You were talking about polling earlier.  I did a poll back in February of this year (2010) and 21% of my audience said they’d prefer to consume information at live training events. I have to admit that factors into it. Aside from travelling for enjoyment, this is enjoyment.  Meeting up with other like-minded people.

(phones ringing)
MH: And we’ve got the phones blazing back there.
AS: You know what it is? People want to know how to get here.

AS: So part of it is straight up travelling for enjoyment, but it’s also travelling so they can experience being in groups with people.

MH: I think the coolest thing is, like tonight…  This is deep in the psychology. I’m going deep down the rabbit hole here.  Is that typical corporate America does not offer a platform like we did this weekend. Corporate America is not going to invite you into a world-class 5-star suite, serve you unlimited top-shelf … and you’re going to hobnob with millionaires. And even bigger than that, in this (internet, mlm) culture, the whole point is to raise up the new people.  And in a corporate setting,  the rich guys hobnob together, because they’re all cash cows. But the employees and the commoners are left out because they’re just carrying weight and stuff. But what’s really cool about what this (mlm) industry can do and it’s important if you can buy into this concept and just accept it as it is.  To be able to immerse somebody into this culture, we provide a kind of lifestyle, even if you are not rich yet.  That’s what’s so cool.  People who are brand new members. We have people from Austrailia who are here. We have people from Norway.

AS: Brazil.

MH: Poland, New Zealand, all over Canada.  But there was a young couple, 22 years old from the east coast.  I forgot where.  They travelled and they make like combined they make $1500 a month. They got on the plane and got here.  They said, “We’re in this fancy suite.  We’re hanging out with you.  This is so great.” And it’s that kind of thing where we can literally spark young couples to see what can happen.  But they can also experience it now.

AS: And I think to adopt that lifestyle at a young age, rather than this whole idea of waiting.  I think people are wanting to start living it out. And I have to say beyond that with GRN was also to work with you was a big part of it. It was the whole package.

MH: We have a lot of fun. We have a lot of fun.  Dangerous fun.  Today (on the hike, someone fell) we had a gentleman whose face is probably permanently scarred.

AS: Ohhhh.

MH: Possibly, did you see it?

AS: I don’t think permanently.

MH: It looked like a tiger claw to me.

AS: It’ll heal. I’ve raised kids, it was not that bad. I’ve had kids wipe out on ?? at 95 miles an hour.  He’s going to be OK.

MH: One tme we were horse back riding through the Phoenix mountains.

AS: Oh, see now that would be dangerous.

MH: And it was dark and this horse bucked a guy off. The point is that the team is having a ball and they talk about it forever. Carl, who wiped out on that horse, he still talks about it to this day. And he’s known as Carl the wipe out…  So it’s kind of like, what we  like to do here is immerse people with like-minded people. And with the internet what you’re able to do is… In our normal world… I smoke cigars with some college kids.  My college kids, I live in North Dakota and I also live in Arizona.  The kids ask, “How do you stay so motivated when no one around you is motivated?”  Everybody’s kind of cashed-out (in North Dakota), this is what you do. You go to a hockey game on the weekend.  You drink beer and…

AS: This is really hot.  If you’re not motivated and it’s key… You know I’ve got a story that I want to share with you.  I’ve got a gal when I was at the Arkansas airport, Little Rock, on the way here.  “Are you Ann Sieg?”  We talked about this weekend.  And do you know why she’s coming here?

MH: Why?

AS: Inspiration.

MH: Yeah.

AS: She’s been in network marketing for over 30 years. She’s a baby boomer. She came here for inspiration.  And that really stood out to me. She was paying, taking time to come out here just for that purpose.  And that’s key. Like you’re saying, up in North Dakota that’s not happening.  So people will come to experience being around people who will motivate and excite them.  And that’s what we’re able to provide.

(phones ringing)

MH: We’ve got a busy room but we’re rolling anyway.

AS: People knocking on the door..

MH: Not that it matters because we’re hot right now. It’s this whole idea of… it’s a mastermind. And the idea of a mastermind is when 2 or more come together there’s a third entity. And it’s a master mind.  Like the meeting of the minds. And so people travel literally across the world.  We had a guy from Poland, you were telling me.

AS: Well Norway, he was going to be at dinner but didn’t make it because…

MH: There’s a hurricane in Ireland or earthquake or some weird thing that maybe caught him up (actually, it was a volcano in Iceland).

AS: He found out Monday or Tuesday night about this meeting on Thursday. And he’s en route somewhere. People are that eager and excited to be here for this 2 hour explicit team meeting.

MH: And it’s the human touch at the end of the day.  What we’ve done online, and you’re talking about joining me and the team.  What we’ve done really is… A lot of times online marketing has kind of a scammy history and edge.  “Make money at home” is kind of blinged out. Draping girls on Lambourghini’s is not cool. It’s just gross.

AS: It’s kind of cheesy.

MH: Baby boomers hate that.

AS: They don’t like it. That’s for sure.

MH: Baby boomers like professionalism.  They like integrity. They like real people. Because they grew up in the non-tech (world).  Not like the youth of today. Today kids would rather text than talk. Baby boomers would rather talk than text.

AS: That is so true.

MH: What’s interesting is if you’re gonna dominate online, and hit that baby boomer zone, you’ve gotta have reality (and) meetings.  You’ve gotta have this kind of thing. And by doing this it subconsciously… I’m going on a tangent here Ann, but it’s so  important.  It subconsciously says, “These people can’t be scammin’ people. They’ve got this open, transparent community that people are invited to.”  If you scam somebody and you invite them to a live event …

AS: That’s not going to work.

MH: It’s just a dangerous model. You know. So we’re excited for tonight. You’re going to see some clips in a moment of us, just bonding really.

AS: They’re calling on the phone. They’re that excited.

MH: So we’ll check back with you here in just a minute.

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