So You Want More Customers?

Would you like to know how to really GRAB the attention of your audience? Are your prospects responding to your tweets, emails, and blog posts the way you’d like? Today’s article on (no opt-in) by leading copywriter David Garfinkel will help you get more attention. The post is entitled “The Secret of Powerful Headlines: How a Few Well Chosen Words Can Do Magic for Your Business.” You can read it here: the-secret-of-powerful-headlines.

I found out about David Garfinkel’s article in a newsletter from Ann Sieg.  I’m including her news letter below because it’s an instructive piece of marketing in its own right.  Notice how she lures you in with questions she knows you want answered, and little bits of bait along the way.

Here’s what Ann Sieg wrote.

“Are your prospects reading your emails?
If you’re like a lot of marketers, you’re lucky if
ONE out of every TEN of your emails even gets

What if you could increase this number to two or three
out of every ten by simply rearranging the words in your
subject lines?

That doesn’t sound too hard does it?
By doing so, you can very realistically double or triple
the amount of sales you’re currently generating.
Today I have a very special guest on my blog who’s going
to show you 5 different ways to get more attention with
your subject lines and headlines.

His name’s David Garfinkel and he’s considered by many
people to be the best copywriting coach in the world.
He helped me generate over 4,500 new customers in one
month this year… and I know he’ll be able to help you
pocket a few additional sales as well.

Find out how a few well-chosen words can do magic for
your business here:

To Your Success,

Ann Sieg”

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