Inspiring Others to Take Action

A Necessary Skill

If you doubt that developing your copywriting skills is the single most important thing you can do for your business (and maybe your life), please listen to this interview of David Garfinkel by Ann Sieg.  David Garfinkel is perhaps the leading copywriting coach and mentor.  Click here to listen to the interview.

Last year Ann hired David to train herself and several members of her team.   More recently the launch of the Renegade Professional trainings generated over $1.1 million in sales in 72 hours.  Ann attributes this success to Garfinkel’s coaching.

Not About Money

I didn’t grasp the significance of copywriting to the whole picture until I heard this interview.   During the interview Garfinkel takes an unexpected perspective.

“Copywriting is not all about money. Copywriting is inspiring people to take action.”

Building on this point he remarks that “The practise of copywriting helps people become much more effective communicators.”  The reason is that good copywriting necessitates putting your audience first.  You imagine yourself in their position and you write from it.   You use their language and acknowledge their concerns and feelings.  To Garfinkel, copywriting is the skill of communication in its highest form.  Indeed, he gave the Preamble to the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence as prime examples of this skill.

An Empowering Skill

There are many benefits to having copywriting skill beyond marketing.   For many, learning copywriting is empowering.  Ann indicated that communications among her staff improved because of this skill.  Once you adopt the “copywriting mindset” you treat every communication as important.  It’s about understanding what your audience is thinking and then finding the simplest way to get your point across to them.

A Dangerous Skill

This is a dangerous skill to have.  There are certainly those who abuse it. And that may be why selling can be so distasteful to many of us.  However, we all have the choice to use it responsibly and ethically. When used correctly, copywriting is about identifying the people who are interested in what you have, and giving them an invitation to it. When used properly, there’s nothing manipulative about it.

Ann Siegs Comments

Here are some of Ann’s comments about the interview from a promotional email.

“This interview is as much of a mental transformation
about the way money is made as it is about producing
short term results.

We get into some heavy-duty subjects like…

-Is sales EVIL?

-How does making money tie in with serving people?

-How you can apply our million dollar launch
strategies to your entire downline

-The most powerful form of copywriting EVER (hint: the
United States Government uses it)

-Plus, you’ll even get to hear David critique me!

The interview is absolutely free.”    Ann Sieg

Here’s the link to the Garfinkel interview again:


Listening to the interview, I felt that what I was hearing was in sync with my own values.  Hearing the emphasis on service, ethics and responsibility was refreshing.  I’ve spent many years working for corporations where business practices, though considered normal for the US, were at times not only unethical, but downright abusive.  It’s a welcome relief to find a training program, and an occupation where my own values are not only appreciated, but taken to heart and acted upon.

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