How To Make 1 Million Dollars In 1 Day

Amazing Achievement

John Reese, the creator of the Traffic Secrets training course, is reputed to be the first person to use internet marketing to make a million dollars in less than a day.  In an interview with Tony Robbins, Reese describes what he considers the most important contributing factors to his success.

No Belief, No Follow Through

Early in the interview, Robbins observed that “many people want to change their lives. They have a vision of what they want to do, and they believe it, sort of, but they never follow through.”   I think the problem for most people is in the sort of.   Most folks aren’t really certain that they can create the change they want.  If their belief were truly strong enough, they would follow through.  On some level,  most of us doubt ourselves.  We believe in our limitations more than our capacity to create.

Beliefs Can Be Changed

Years ago, I was trained in Ericksonian hypnosis and NLP.  The way I learned to help people create change for themselves was to help them change their beliefs about what is possible INCREMENTALLY.  Don’t believe you can run a 4 minute mile? Try running an 6 minute mile.  When you can do that, work on a 5.5 minute mile, etc.

How John Reese Did It

John Reese did exactly this as he worked his way up to his million dollar day.   He started with goals of small sums, working his way up to $500 in a day.  Each time he achieved a goal, he solidified his new belief (in what he could create) at a very deep level.  He always set specific goals such as earning $40k per year, having a $4500 day, having a $40k week.  Eventually he reached a $100k day before finally hitting a million in one day with a product roll out.

How You Can Do It

Reese teaches his students to do the same.  He starts by giving them the goal of making $1 worth of sales.  Though some might scoff at this, he reminds us that “any progress at all is worth gold compared with no progress.  So focus on that first dollar. … You have to take that first increment, no matter how small.  Otherwise, you haven’t made the inner shift in your thinking.”  In fact, he sees 90% of the (internal) battle as achieving this first goal.   After that, reaching the next goal is often just doing more of the same.

Robbins puts it in even stronger terms. “One thing equals happiness and that’s progress.”  He emphasizes three ingredients for success:  having a clear vision of achieving your goal, taking (appropriate) action, and having grace (some call it luck).

Six Steps to Success

Let me break Tony Robbins’ ingredients down into a more detailed list.

  1. Be very specific in choosing a goal.  Saying, “I want to make as much as possible” doesn’t work.  There’s no such amount.  Saying, “I want to make 20 sales of $50 each by the end of next week” is more like it.  You may end up making more.
  2. Be certain that you’re going to find a way to make it happen.  Even though you may have doubts, it’s important to limit the “negative self talk” as much as you can.  If the doubt is too big, then maybe you need a smaller goal increment. The doubt will be released as subgoals are achieved and you make (even small) progress.
  3. Visualize the goal clearly.  You should visualize in as much detail as possible what it will be like for you when the goal is achieved.   See what you would see, hear what you would hear, feel it, smell it.  Create as vivid a picture as you can in  your imagination,  using multiple senses.  You’ll get better at visualizing with practise.
  4. Execute your plan to achieve this goal.  Some call this “taking massive action.”  In other words, act as if you fully believe you can do this.  Put your energy into it as if certain of success.
  5. Persistence is critical.  Just plain don’t give up.  Here too, smaller increments help give you continual rewards that make it easier for you to keep going.
  6. Be grateful for grace when the unexpected goes your way.


Now you know the important ingredients for making a million dollars in a day, or anything else you’d like to achieve.  It may not be easy, but it’s definitely doable.

Click here to listen to the interview.

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